The Council

The Influence Marketing Council is an industry council of companies coming together to drive marketing innovation.


The IMC works with influence marketing. Representatives from IMC member companies are marketing professionals who run influence marketing programs that leverage high-touch relationships with industry influencers, brand advocates, and professional communities. The IMC helps members define and execute successful programs that align and support the rest of the business.


The IMC is a membership organization with yearly dues. We meet online in our private community, on monthly calls, and in person at events. The council is committed to its members' successes.


The Influence Marketing Council members are leading brands and marketers :




The Team


John Mark Troyer

John developed and led many of VMware's community and social media programs. He developed VMware's first social media channels and content marketing programs, working with groups across the company to build successful outcomes. He created and managed VMware's corporate blogging program, as well as its programs to reach out to external bloggers and influencers. He also founded the VMware vExpert Program, an advocacy program that now includes over 1000 technology professionals. John is a well-known keynote speaker at conferences and user groups. Previously, he was a co-founder and CEO of a venture-backed enterprise software company and received a PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

Kathleen Nelson Troyer

Kat is a consultant, coach, and retreat leader with 20 years experience in human resources, recruiting, and consulting for technology and financial services companies such as Cloudera, Spirent, Barclays Global Investors, and Charles Schwab. She also has extensive community and social media marketing experience.

Amy White

Senior Program Manager
Amy White is a social media consultant and community builder. She partners with brands and businesses to create and increase social media presence, develop brand awareness and create engaging communities. Amy's background includes strategic sourcing and procurement, technology and compliance at companies like Pitney Bowes, EDS, and Xerox.

The Influence Marketing Council is a product of TechReckoning Studio. TechReckoning Studio is a marketing consultancy and media company. We help technology companies increase brand awareness and customer retention via influencer, advocacy, and community marketing programs. Our services include influence marketing programs, podcast production and content marketing programs, and speaking and event services.