What is Influence Marketing?

Influence Marketing is the craft of using real, human-scale interactions as you do business with your customers, partners, prospects, influencers, and other community members in your ecosystem.

People buy from people they know and like. The only sustainable advantage for brands today is to build successful, long-term relationships with their community. Leveraging programs of professional relationships are the best opportunity for B2B companies to thrive.

Examples of influence marketing programs

Advocacy/MVP/Champion programs

Blogger and influencer relations

Developer relations and technical evangelism

Community management

User groups and meetups

Employee ambassador programs

Examples of influence and advocacy marketing challenges include:

Identifying influencers in your B2B market

Creating relationships with influencers and community members

Influencer programs at local and corporate events

Creating content in collaboration with influencers

Using advocates for product ideation and testing

Constructing programs that align with business objectives

Creating buzz and rapport inside communities

Balancing personal and corporate brands in social and community

Evaluating program ROI and KPIs

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