Leverage the experience of a peer network of B2B professionals building with influence, advocacy, and community in their ecosystems

We’re an innovation council for companies working to transform their companies through relationships

Professionals increasingly get their information from their peers in channels like social media, blogs,  online communities, and meetups. Traditional marketing doesn’t address these channels well. A common attribute of high-performing, well-loved  brands is competence in influence marketing that serves these non-traditional channels. In highly specialized areas like B2B and enterprise technology,  as well as in the consumer space influence marketers have unique opportunities to help the business grow by reaching out to to professionals in their corporate ecosystem and helping them learn, teach, and succeed.

How can companies drive business and increase customer success through trust and relationships with influencers, advocates, superusers, practitioners, and community?

Our Council Provides

  • A council of peers to develop and share how to work successfully with influencers, advocates, user groups, customer and partner programs, and communities

  • A private community of B2B professionals for honest discussion and sharing

  • Online and in-person events with your peers to expand your professional network.

  • Research and insight into the emerging fields of influencer, advocacate, developer, and community relations and marketing.

Members of the IMC include

Employees of B2B companies, mostly tech, including... 

HPE, NetApp, Dell, VMware, Equinix, Qlik, Cohesity


Qualified consultants, analysts, influencers and others active in this space

Why A Peer Innovation Council?

In an emerging disclipline like influence marketing, we have to be inventive and creative in the ways we work with customers, partners, and prospects. As we’ve talked with other practitioners, however, we always find common issues and strategies that develop independently. Companies in B2B  have different challenges than on the consumer side, and generic marketing advice is often trite or aimed at businesses unlike yours.

As we’ve worked with various companies as consultants, we’ve often observed that the magic of influence marketing was in the everyday execution and discovery of opportunities along the way. As an external consultant on a limited engagement, we can only help so much in day-to-day agility. A year-round program like the Influence Marketing Council is by far the best way to get exposed to innovative ideas, discover solutions to common problems, and to stay excited about the possibilities of bringing more human relationships to corporate interactions.

Please join us and let’s do some amazing things together!

John Mark Troyer and Kathleen Nelson Troyer
Co-Founders,, Influence Marketing Council

How to join

Request an invitation to the Influence Marketing Council by using the form on this page or by email Individual membership in the council is free. Corporate memberships for practitioners and sponsorships for solution providers are available.

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