Benefits of joining the IMC

What is the IMC?

The Influence Marketing Council is an industry council: an association of marketing professionals who work at or with brands and innovative companies.

The IMC works with influence marketing. IMC members run influence marketing programs that leverage high-touch relationships with industry influencers, brand advocates, and professional communities. The IMC helps members define and execute successful programs that align and support the rest of the business.

The IMC is a membership organization with yearly dues that meets online in a private community, on monthly calls, and in person at events. We are committed to our members’ success.

Access to an elite group of practitioners; council members are from brands : external associates can’t solicit.

A private community site and Slack channel for you to get real time feedback, benchmarking and support for your program.

Regular online meetings feature a range of topics, bringing industry leaders and marketing innovators to our private discussions.

Be the first to receive in-house generated research. Our research is driven by common requests from our council. This research is relevant and unique, concentrating on your business needs.

In-person meetings co-located with industry events. Our meetings emphasize networking so you have an opportunity to gather personalized, actionable advice.

Why Join the IMC?

Build Your ProgramBecome an Innovator
If you’re building an influencer, advocacy, or community program, you need to join the IMC. How you do define success? How do you achieve that success? The strategies and tactics that work constantly change; how do you keep up? We talk about this every day.We all stand on the shoulders of giants. Innovation comes from evidence combined with inspiration. IMC research provides ideas and insights that can change the ordinary course of business into something extraordinary.
Make Your Company a LeaderManage Your Career
The only sustainable advantages for companies today are to build lasting relationships and connections. Innovative companies, the brands that people love, work hard at building and maintaining their communities and relationships with others. IMC member companies are innovators.Professional development accelerates when you surround yourself with experience and passion.  The IMC gives you access to best practices, leaders in the field, and a network of innovative peers. Leverage the IMC and step into greater leadership of your career.

Join the IMC

Membership in the IMC is for professionals who believe influence marketing is the future and want to succeed